September 21, 2023

The ALKB would like to thank The Pacific Power Foundation (Pacific Power) for awarding its signature philanthropic program, Operation School Bell® (OSB), a $2,000 grant. Pacific Power’s mission, through its charitable investments, is to support the growth and vitality of our communities. It celebrates building the future for its communities as it partners with the ALKB and provides support for the Klamath Basin.
The Pacific Power Foundation is part of the PacifiCorp Foundation, one of the largest utility-endowed foundations in the United States. The foundation was created by PacifiCorp, an energy company that serves over 2 million customers across a diverse six-state region as Rocky Mountain Power (Utah, Wyoming and Idaho) and Pacific Power (Oregon, Washington and California). The foundation’s mission, through charitable investments, is to support the growth and vitality of the communities served by Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific Power. Since it started in 1988, the foundation has awarded more than $60 million to nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit or
These grant monies will be used exclusively to support OSB which promotes learning, school attendance, and self-worth by providing basic school necessities to under-resourced children. By ALKB providing these essential needs, it transforms lives, strengthens our community, and families flourish.
The ALKB plays a crucial role in helping the children of our community.

September 1, 2023

August 8, 2023

June 29, 2023

June 5, 2023

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May 15, 2023

May 15, 2023

The Assistance League of Klamath Basin is pleased to announce the award of a $5000.00 grant from 1st Interstate Bank. The bank has a long standing commitment to the communities it serves and we are thrilled to partner with them to benefit the Operation School Bell Program. The Assistance League is honored to be chosen as a recipient of this generous award. Last year, the Assistance League distributed over 1900 clothing vouchers to students in our community. This work would not be possible without the support of generous business such as 1st Interstate Bank. Shown from left to right is Brienne Huphrey, Manager of 1st Interstate Bank, Dorene Ridgway, grant writer, Cathie Davis, ALKB and Sally-Ann Palcovich, President, ALKB.

May 13, 2023

May 11, 2023


February 3, 2023

At the regular business meeting of the Assistance League of
Klamath Basin, Linda Hartenberger was presented the
prestigious Ada Edwards Laughlin Award by Chapter President,
Sally-Ann Palcovich. Ada Edwards Laughlin was one of the
co-founders of Assistance League, but she is one of the less
visible of those early creators of Assistance League.
She was a dedicated and reliable assistant to Anne Banning, who
is considered the mother of Assistance League.
Selection of an honoree for this award is based on the character of Ada, herself.

Linda is recognized for her longevity of service as a committee
member, helper and friend to all–not just chapter members, but
to our clients, donors, recipients of our good works, and
community volunteers. She demonstrates sustained enthusiasm
and participation in chapter programs and activities. She
dedicates her time and commitment to the tasks she undertakes
on behalf of the chapter. She truly represents and lives the values of Assistance League in our community.

For her outstanding commitment to ALKB serving as President
and Vice President of the board, and as chair of Operation School
Bell, negotiating in-store shopping events with Fred Meyer,
coordinating with City and County school districts, expanding
Operation School Bell to meet the needs of children in foster
care, families in crisis and homeless students in our community,
overseeing the implementation of getting Award Winning
Books into libraries throughout the county and overseeing
Project USA, Assistance League of Klamath Basin has presented
this Ada Edwards Laughlin Award to Linda Hartenberger.
Linda wished to express her gratitude for this recognition and the
support given to her through this award. Linda said that being
part of Assistance League has been a rewarding experience;
giving her an opportunity to help make a difference in the lives
of children and adults, as well as the friendships and working side by side with incredible and caring people.

She extends her sincere thanks for being selected to receive the
Ada Edwards Laughlin Award. “It is a great honor” she said.

April 15 and 16, 2023

Blazing Paddles Pickleball Tournament is Back!

January 18th, 2023

Gordon Elwood gives

$5000 gift to ALKB


January 7th, 2023

Norwood Foundation gives gift to ALKB

December 14, 2022

Autzen Foundation Gives gift to ALKB

November 1, 2022

Assistance League of Klamath Basin Receives Washington Federal Foundation Grant Award

Assistance League of Klamath Basin is deeply grateful for the support of our philanthropic programs through grants.

Today we acknowledge a very generous gift from the Washington Federal Foundation of $2,000 in support of ALKB’s philanthropic programs, including the Operation School Bell® Program.

Our philanthropies provide new clothing, personal hygiene supplies and other support for school-age children and their families throughout Klamath County and the Tulelake Basin. Our all-volunteer organization assures our donors that all funds received directly benefit students who are referred through school personnel.

The Washington Federal Foundation’s purpose is to facilitate direct giving to community-based nonprofits serving the needs of people with low-and-moderate incomes. The Assistance League is grateful for the Washington Federal Community Grant Program.

Pictured left to right, Dorene Ridgway, Sally-Ann Palcovich, President, ALKB, Heather Curtis, Asst. Vice President WAFED Bank, Cathie Davis, ALKB, Jenn Montag, Asst. Mgr, WAFED, Martie Merhoff, ALKB and Katie Savage, Branch Manager, WAFED Bank.

November 1, 2022

Pacific Power Foundation $2500 grant awarded to Assistance League of Klamath Basin

Assistance League of Klamath Basin® is very excited to announce Pacific Power Foundation’s $2,500 grant in their continued support of the Assistant League of Klamath Basin’s mission in transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs; specifically, Operation School Bell® (OSB) one of the primary philanthropic programs of the Assistance League. OSB’s purpose is to provide new clothing and shoes for children in need in the Klamath Basin; it is one of several programs developed by the Assistance League, and provides school age children with school clothing ,winter supplies and hygiene kits through a partnership with Fred Meyer. Visit our website: or find us on Facebook.

The Pacific Power Foundation is one of the largest utility-endowed foundations in the United States. The foundation was created in 1988 by PacifiCorp, an electric utility serving 1.8 million customers in six Western states as Rocky Mountain Pow- er (Utah, Wyoming and Idaho) and Pacific Power (Oregon, Washington and Califor- nia). The foundation’s mission, through charitable investments, is to support the growth and vitality of the communities served by Rocky Mountain Power and Pacific Power. For more information, visit OR


Oct 27, 2022

Assistance League’s

Operation School Bell

brings new clothes,

smiles to local children

By MOLLY O’BRIEN Herald & News

Sporting a long, plaid coat and a winning smile, Keno Elementary student Kayleanna Beland said she was excited to spend her Wednesday evening shopping for some new school clothes.
Accompanied by her two older siblings, Ashlynn Beland and Cayden Longo, the three musketeers meandered through the clothing sections of Fred Meyer store, joking and laughing.
This is the family’s fifth year participating in Operation School Bell (OSB) — a program which provides financial aid in the purchasing of new clothing for the school year. Organized by the Klamath Basin Assistance League, a local branch of a larger national organization, OSB provides $125 to each child to spend at Fred Meyer during one of the four allotted in-store shopping events. The siblings are three of the 1,700 children selected this year to receive financial aid through the charitable program.
The grant- and locally-funded program gives aid to children from 39 different K-12 schools in the Basin. The shopping spree the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 26 was the fourth and final event for the 2022-23 school year.
Assistance League board member Linda Hartenberger said the fourth night is usually a “make-up” night for those who couldn’t attend the previous three events. “This ended up being our biggest night,” Hartenberger said. 
Of the 375 allotted children signed up to participate in the in-store portion of the program, 127 attended the final event. The local Fred Meyer store does its part to give back with this program as well, taking an additional 10 percent off of every OSB purchase. Fred Meyer also assigns multiple staff members to assist the families in their shopping endeavors and sets aside three check-stands — operated by the store’s personnel — to check-out participating families. Multiple OSB volunteers expressed their sincere gratitude for the selfless efforts made by management and staff at Fred Meyer.
Another grateful, smiling face was that of Dayton Baker, a magenta-haired third-grade student at Shasta Elementary.The plucky 8-year-old was eager to show off his new matching sweatshirt and pants as he and his family browsed the kids clothing section. His older brother, fourth-grader Zandyr Smith, was less thrilled about clothes shopping. When asked if they were enjoying picking out new clothing, the dynamic duo chimed in simultaneously. Yeah!” Dayton said with a smile, paired with a less enthusiastic, “not really,” from Zandyr. Nonetheless, both boys expressed their gratitude for the gifted clothing with beaming smiles as their new clothes were scanned at check-out.
Klamath Basin Assistance League President Sally Palcovich walked around the tables which were set up just beyond the check stands. “We do provide a free pair of gloves and hats,” Palcovich said while holding up a donated, handmade hat knitted from blue wool. “They also get a hygiene kit.”
As of 2022, the Assistance League has begun providing for not only children chosen by school officials, but also for foster children and youth without housing, who are selected by officials with the Department of Human Services (DHS). Hartenberger said some of the foster children lose everything after being taken from homes where drug addiction had been the problem. DHS contacts the league so they can purchase all new clothes for the children right away. Susan Way, a board member for 18 years and counting, sat at another table which was strewn with papers, pencils and crayons. This table, Palcovich said, is where the kids can make thank you cards for the volunteers.
Amilia Pena-Ramirez, 8, sat across the table from Way, quietly writing out her thanks with her grandmother standing at her side. Watching the girl with a grin, Way remarked that the program has grown exponentially since she began volunteering. “When I first started, we had around 200 kids,” Way said. “Now we’re up to over 1,700.” Way said that these shopping events cost upward of $150,000 each year.
Palcovich explained that the funding comes from a lot of different sources. “Part of it is from Findables store on Main Street where we sell used furniture,” Palcovich said. Other sources include local fundraising events, such as the Blazing Paddles pickleball event which raised over $40,000 this July.
Linda Hartenberger said the program takes a lot of work,but the children make it all worthwhile. “Their eyes just light up with the wonderful little outfits they buy.”

August 17, 2022

ALKB receives $5000 check from Umqua Bank

Pictured, left to right is: Amber Gomes, Manager, Umpqua Bank, Shasta Branch, Sally-Ann Palcovich, President ALKB, Sherry Dufault, Resource Development, and Cathie Davis, Communications, ALKB.

With the help of a new $5000 grant from Umpqua Bank, The Assistance League of Klamath Basin will provide students in our community with access to new clothing and necessities through Operation School Bell, ALKB’s signature philanthropic program. The assistance program transforms lives, strenghens our community and helps our families flourish. We sincerely thank the Umqua Charitable Foundation for their generous gift and partnership in support of our program.


August 8, 2022

Pickleball co-fundraiser raises enough money to clothe 300 children in the Klamath Basin 

April 16, 2022

Children in Foster Care

Coming in July

The Blazing Paddles Pickleball Tounament


This July the Assistance League of Klamath Basin will partner with the Klamath Basin Pickleball Association to present the Blazing Paddles Pickleball Tournament at Mazama High School.


Registration Dates

  • Open: 03/30/22
  • Closed: 07/07/22

Tournament Dates

  • Starts: 07/15/22
  • Ends: 07/17/22

Cancellation Dates

  • Cancellation Deadline: 07/04/22


Mazama High School
3009 Summers Lane
Klamath Falls, OR 97603



  • Player’s age as of: 12/31/22
  • Minimum Age of Player: 18
  • Final Registration Deadline (Received by): 07/07/22
  • Tournament Sanctioning: Not Sanctioned
  • Minimum Registration fee (First event plus registration admin fee): $60.00
  • Registration – $60.00
  • When registering online, online waiver signature is used.
  • Online payment via PayPal is available. PayPal also allows credit card payments.

March 22, 2022

ALKB donates Award Winning books to local libraries

 Herald and News

From left: David Blanchard, VP Marketing/Communications ALKB; Nathalie Johnston, County Library Director; Thom Green, Co-Organizer 2021-22 ALKB Award Winning Books Program.

 Each year the Assistance League of Klamath Basin distributes award winning books to the K-12 local public school libraries as well as to the Klamath County Libraries.

This year, the following books were distributed: Sector 7 — Caldecott Award; Hello Universe — Newbery Award; City of Ghosts — Intermediate Young Readers Award; and Five Feet Apart — Senior Young Readers

Also receiving books from ALKB were the Tulelake Schools, Exodus House, Marta’s House and Citizens for Safe Schools. The purpose of this program is to promote literacy and to help instill a love for reading in children. 

March 17, 2022 Rogue Credit Union donates $2000 to ALKB

 Herald and News

From left: Sally-Ann Palcovich-VP Strategic Planning ALKB; Dorene Ridgeway-Grant Writing Co-Chair; Rich Ortiz-Branch Manager Rogue Credit Union; Patty Barsalou-President ALKB; David Blanchard VP Marketing/Communications ALKB.

The Assistance League of Klamath Basin (ALKB) is pleased to announce the Rogue Credit Union has donated $2,000 to be used exclusively for supporting ALKB’s signature philanthropic program, Operation School Bell (OSB)®.

The funds will be used to allow more of the Klamath Basin’s children needing help to take part in ALKB’s OSB program aimed at addressing the basic issues of neglect, health, and education.

The OSB program helps children to be successful, to maintain school attendance, and enhances their self-esteem. This support will provide access to clothing and other necessities for students grades K-12 who need assistance in purchasing these items. By providing essential needs, ALKB transforms lives, strengthens our community, and helps families to flourish.

Beginning as a 10-teacher, member-owned cooperative in 1956, Rogue Credit Union has grown to a financial cooperative serving over 184,000 members. Rogue is committed to improving the lives of its members and of our communities through its local programs. It works to create stronger and healthier communities for us all.

February 8, 2022

ALKB Receives $15,000 grant from the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation

 Herald and News

Pictured are the members of the Assistance League of Klamath Basin receiving the check at the regular business meeting in February. 

The Assistance League® of Klamath Basin has received a generous grant of $15,000 from the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation.

The mission of the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation is to offer assistance in youth education, strengthen youth and family, provide for positive youth development, and add to the quality of life for people in southwestern Oregon.

These funds will be extremely beneficial in providing for our Operation School Bell® program that allows many more children in need, including homeless children living in poverty, to take part in ALKB’s Operation School Bell philanthropic programs aimed at addressing the basic issues of neglect, health, and education here in the Klamath Basin.

To learn more about The Assistance League of Klamath Basin, please visit our website at

2021-2022 Board Training

Some photos from the first meeting of the new board.


August, 2021

ALKB Receives $1250 Grant Award from Circle of Hearts

 Herald and News

July 3, 2020

Findables Store Reopens

 Herald and News

Assistance League of Klamath Basin volunteers are working to fulfill their mission of “transforming the lives of children through community programs· even as the COVID-19 pandemic presents some added challenges to their work. One recent bright spot in the nonprofit’s operations was the re-opening of its used fumiture and home decor store, Findables, which brings in approximately 50 percent of its fundraising monies to help area youth, according to ALKB President Patty Barsalou.

Findables closed temporarily in March due to COVID-19 restrictions but reopened June 18. The store accepts donated furniture and household items in decent condition. The same items are also accepted on consignment; the profit on consignment items is split 50/50 between Findables and the customer if an item is sold.



September 29, 2019

Warm for the winter

 Herald and News

The Assistance League of Klamath Basin receives a $2,000 donation from RIP City Riders. Presenting the donation are members of the RIP City Riders with their President, Brent Phelps. Receiving the donation is Leslie Wilkenson, president and Dorene Ridgway, vice president of resource development of the Assistance League of Klamath Basin. RIP City Riders believe in helping children in the Klamath Basin. The donation will help clothe students K-12 referred to the Assistance League’s Operation School Bell philanthropic program.

May 23, 2019

Chamber of Commerce Members Meet at Findables

Assistance League hosted a very successful Klamath County Chamber of Commerce Greeters and Friend-raising event at our Findables store on Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 7:00 a.m. to 9 a.m.  It is a way to introduce our organization to other Klamath County Chamber members in a relax social setting. It helps us stay connected to the rest of the business community.   We had 42 attendees and we briefly introduced the Assistance League organization and our special home décor thrift shop. The social time was highlighted with snacks and drinks.

May 4, 2019

Flapjack Fundraiser Breakfast

Assistance League of Klamath Basin held a flapjack fundraiser on May 4 at Applebee’s Restaurant. Among those present was Patty Barsalou, who is shown helping 2-year-old Kelsa Jesperson with her flapjack breakfast. Proceeds from the fundraiser went to the Operation School Bell Program helping students in need of assistance to purchase school clothing. Thank you was extended to Applebee’s Restaurant for its assistance in holding the fundraiser.


April 10, 2019

New member orientation at member’s house

March 24, 2019

Exodus House

Assistance League completed an annual book drive which was a part of National Assistance League’s Literacy Week involving all 120 Assistance League Chapters.  Our Chapter decided to donate the books we collected to the Exodus House which is one of our new philanthropic programs.  We collected over 200 books which is fantastic. 


September 11, 2018
Assistance League of Klamath Basin – Operation School Bell


Operation school Bell

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September 9, 2023

October 13, 2019

Ready for the winter

 Herald and News

August 28, 2019

The Assistance League® of Klamath Basin Earns BBB Accreditation

 The Assistance League of Klamath Basin is Committed to Promoting Trust in Giving.

Klamath Falls, Oregon – August, 2019. The Assistance League of Klamath Basin (ALKB) is proud to announce its recent Better Business Bureau Accreditation. As a BBB Accredited Charity, ALKB is dedicated to BBB’s 20 Standards for Charity Accountability, a comprehensive set of best practices for charities that go beyond the requirements of state and federal regulations in critical areas of operations: governance; measuring effectiveness; financial management; and fundraising and communications.

ALKB applied to become a BBB Accredited Charity because for more than 100 years, BBB has helped people find businesses, brands, and charities they can trust.  Displaying the BBB Accredited Charity Seal shows the community that ALKB upholds rigorous standards of ethical charity practices.  Consumers can find ALKB’s Charity Review report at

“We wanted to become BBB Accredited to build trust with our donors and the community,” said Leslie Wilkenson, ALKB’s president. “We are proud to have met the BBB’s Standards for Charity Accountability and look forward to displaying the BBB Seal to show that we are committed to promoting trust and wise giving.”

ALKB is an all-volunteer organization committed to helping children in the Klamath Basin. Funds raised through events, donations, grants, and its quality used furniture and home décor store, Findables, are re-invested in the community.

Mission Statement:  Assistance League volunteers transforming the lives of children and adults through community programs.

Vision Statement:  Essential needs are met in our communities and families flourish.

You can contact the Assistance League of Klamath Basin at 541-883-1721.  Find us at on Facebook.

The BBB serves the Northwest with more than 14 million consumers in Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii, Montana and Western Wyoming.  

May 19, 2019

Active Shoes = Active Bodies



L to R: Front Row 1 Alexander Nazareta, Aiden Raum, Madisin Felber
Row 2: Domonic Figueroa, Tristan Foltz-Warrior, Athena Duncan, Cheyanne McFarland, Lizabeth Henderson
Row 3: Beth Clark, Principal; Linda Hartenberger, Assistance League; Brandon Powell, P.E. Teacher; Sheri Wilson, Assistance League; and Isaiah Bigby, Big 5 Sporting Goods Store.
Row 1 & 2 are student recipients of Active Shows = Active Bodies.

The Assistance League of Klamath Basin has added another segment
to its Operation School Bell program involving
Stearns Elementary School’s program entitled “Active Shoes = Active Bodies.”

It was established by Brandon Powell, Physical Education Teacher,
to provide quality athletic shoes for its students with the goal of improving participation during physical education class and increasing the amount of physical activity students engage in daily as well as helping with their self-worth.

The teachers work with the students to write down attainable
goals to “earn” a $40.00 shoe certificate.
The Assistance League raises money to pay for these certificates
which are used at the Big 5 Sporting Goods Store who, in turn,
makes sure these students get quality shoes at a low price.


April 17, 2019

Chapter Visit Meeting

Held every 4 years with National Representatives and Klamath Basin Board and Chair Members


April 16, 2019

Reception for Assistance League National Representatives at Findables store


February 3, 2019
Gold Seal Status


Assistance League Gets Gold Seal Status

Assistance League of Klamath Basin has received 2018 Gold Seal status on the GuideStar Nonprofit Profile thanks to the tireless efforts of one of its members, Marilyn Christian. The mission of league volunteers is transforming the lives of children through community programs. To become a member, contact Findables, 1330 E. Main St., 541.883.1721, Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Shown here are, from right, Marilyn Christian, Denny Jamarck, Leslie Wilkenson and Micki Lemke. (Published February 3, 2019 Klamath Falls Herald and News)

October 2, 2018
Operation School Bell Offers Warm Clothes for Cold Days Ahead


Operation school Bell

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