Resource Development



Findables, a quality-used furniture and home decor store located in Klamath Falls, is operated year around to provide funds for philanthropic programs. It is one our main fundraisers and is staffed entirely by volunteer members. The store is maintained through donations, purchases and consignments. Contributions from the community may be tax deductible and gratefully accepted. Also part of the store is to sponsor Estate Sales which we organize and split the proceeds with the client. In addition, we have parking lot sales.

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Christmas Jubilee

The Christmas Jubilee is the premiere fund raising event in the ALKB calendar.


Silver Tea

The Silver Tea is our annual direct mail program. We mail invitations inviting people to a leisure, feet up tea party at home instead of attending a gala affair, and they can help us at the same time by sending in a donation to help the children. It is a very successful mailing that takes place in the Spring.